The Chapel

Our Mission Statement: 
To love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves..



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The West Vienna Free Community Church Association was formed in 1879, built by the Quakers as a meeting place for religion, education and science.  After sitting vacant for a couple of years the building is alive again. 

Lets start by saying… God is Good!
After reopening the church doors at the beginning of summer 2009, and the heart felt disappointment we shared as to the shape of the building, God has surpassed our plans.  We prayed that God would make it evident that the plan for the Jewell Chapel is not ours but His, and on the last day of the summer school break we have a fully functioning church building and body. 
We held our first meeting this summer by the windows with a church covered in dust, mold, and disrepair.  We dusted off the old hymnals and the Spirit opened them up to the song, Worship, Work and Witness.. which has  become our theme.  Or plans for the summer was to see the building used once again for anything… but God turned it into His gathering place here on the North shore of Oneida Lake.  Our attendance on August 30 was 29 and we were all moved by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  Beyond our expectations all the roof shingles have been replaced, the ceilings look good, the old musty walls have been removed, replaced and painted, the water and electric are back on and the piano has been fix &  retuned.  The area in the back of the church which we planned as a storage area has been transformed into a youth chapel and classroom.  Last week there were ten kids hearing the Lords words.   I heard one young lady say that this was the first time she had been in church!   God is good… We will faithfully look to our members and more importantly the Holy Spirit to guide our direction.  We pray that we will continue to light a candle each Sunday to welcome a new visitor.  Perhaps you have been looking for a place to worship and fellowship… we hope you will light that candle!   


God Bless you,

Rev. Steven Wiehl


Building Repair Objectives 2011-2014
   New Metal Roof on Back and Main Church COMPLETED Fall 2013!
Clean up lot, pavilion, cut 4’ high grass, add flowers Completed
Repair Attic suspension timber joinery Completed -2009
Repair 12 holes on the roof Completed 2009-2011
Clean up area for children’s church, New Ceiling & Lights ( Back  Room) Completed
Fixed and replace fallen down ceiling tiles and wet  insulation Completed
Clean up sanctuary pews and floor Completed
Remove molding ceiling and walls upstairs Completed
Remove entrance way mold water damaged wall Completed
Clean Rugs Completed
Fix broken pews
Replace & Paint damaged Ceiling Completed
Remove & fix bat damage
Heating system Tuned up - Electric Baseboard
Paint & scrape front door and molding Completed
Paint Bell tower and windows
Remove junk and moldy stuff from attic Completed
Floor supports upgraded
Organize and clean kitchen - 2012
Insurance on building - current
Light removed and cleaned Completed
Front Cross light
Front rail paint Completed
Ramp recarpet
Power Wash Building Finished July 2011
New Door knobs Completed
Sound system fixed Completed
Main Bathroom updated -
Projection added Completed
House Cleaning Completed
Clean out junk throughout church Completed
Electrical service moved, fixed and usable Completed
Back Bathroom fixed and usable Completed
Enclose Belltower 2014
Reside back addition 2014
Grade back of Church lot 2014
fill and add culvert to Pavilion 2014
1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.


There are many obstacles in making repairs which led the last church in the decision to abandon the building.  The most important repair and impact  we can make is in our own community.  With God… Nothing is impossible!